Social Media Influencer

Are you a social media influencer? Monetize your your fans and give them the opportunity to chat or call with you!

Monetize every message you send on WhatsApp:

Set individual pricing for all message types

Or calling and talking with you on Skype to Pay-Per-Minute for each moment they spend with you

Deatails coming soon!

Pay to chat: Social Media Influencer

Pay-Per-Minute: Skype

TRUE paid Skype calling – No freeloading. Interrupt calls when a User's balance reaches 0|ZERO. Developed in-house by chargeDM


Pay-Per-Message: WhatsApp

Private and secure paid WhatsApp chat. Your users together, in ONE WhatsApp conversation messaging securely and anonymously


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Coming Soon

Today we are the only company to offer an API or SaaS and feature paid Skype calling or to charge for DMs (direct messages) on WhatsApp.

We are also working to offer solutions to charge for every DM on the following apps: